Don’t be a Dick, Wear a Mask!

Even Vice President Mike Pence admits it, wearing masks reduces the spread of the coronavirus. 

Florida, Texas and California just closed bars in several counties because of increased new cases of Covid-19. 

PLEASE wear a mask when you are near other people. Period. And when you come into the Mecca Cafe or 5 Point Cafe, we require you to wear one unless you are seated. This means when you get up to use the bathroom and when you are leaving. It’s the law. And it will protect our staff and other customers from getting sick. 

If all of you do this, we won’t have to close again. If you don’t we will. And if we have to close again there might not be a reopening. Just keep that in mind when you visit places you love. If you won’t wear a mask, you could be responsible for putting that place out of business. 

Wearing a mask won’t just keep you and others people from dying, it will keep your favorite locally owned business from dying too. 

AND, IF YOU DON’T HAVE A MASK WITH YOU AND WANT TO COME IN, JUST ASK US FOR A MASK. THANKS TO Public Health – Seattle & King County​ WE HAVE MASKS TO GIVE YOU. Please don’t make our staff become mask police. Just ask for one and wear it. (or be creative like the photo attached).

Don’t be a Dick. Wear a mask.

  • David Meinert

Mecca Cafe Set To Reopen Monday June 8

by David Meinert

So happy we’re finally able to reopen the Mecca Cafe Monday June 8 at 7am! 

We only get 25% capacity in Phase 1 of reopening, and it will look a bit different, but come in to eat and drink, say hello, or order take out. 

Some things to note: you must wear a mask at all times unless seated, and you must use hand sanitizer on your hands on the way in. We’re cashless for the time being so bring a credit or debit card to pay. Menus are online or you can request a single use paper menu if you must. Condiments are single use too (but not online). We ask that if you have to wait for a table you wait outside, safely distanced from others. We’ll also have dividers between tables, booths and seats (they actually look pretty great considering). And if you want to use the jukebox, download Touchtunes because you’ll need to use that. 

Staff will be wearing masks, taking temperatures before coming in, distancing, and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. 

We’re doing all this to comply with CDC and King County health guidance, and to keep you and our staff safe. We appreciate you’re patience and kindness while we implement all the changes and get used to this new rule. 

Hope to see you at the Mecca soon!

David Meinert

We’re Reopening Mecca Cafe’ & 5 Point Cafe’

by David Meinert

We’re reopening The Mecca and 5 Point Cafes soon! Not exactly sure of the date, but soon. And we’re busy making plans for a responsible reopening. In an attempt to inform all of our customers about what we’re doing to keep you and our staff safe, we’ll be posting information about the changes we are making so you don’t get too surprised.

We are so excited to welcome you back. It’s been two months and we miss you all something fierce! We will need your help, your kindness and your patience as we work to follow the guidelines and keep you and our staff safe. Please remember that you can choose to come in or not, and when you do you will only be close to a few other people. But our staff has to do this to pay rent and eat, and they have to deal with and potentially expose themselves up to 100 people or more per day. So in oder to protect everyone we’ll be asking you wear a mask except when you are seated. From entering, until you are at your table, when you get up to pee or when you’re leaving, wear a face covering.

Please be considerate of this rule. It’s not a political statement.. It’s about keeping our staff (several of whom are immune comprised or have family at home that are) and other people safe. Be patient. Be kind. Please don’t be a dick.

We love you! We miss you! Thank you for your continued support! Keep ordering that delivery and take out, and watch for a relaunch of our web store where you’ll be able to get merch and gift cards.

– David Meinert