by David Meinert
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We’re reopening The Mecca and 5 Point Cafes soon! Not exactly sure of the date, but soon. And we’re busy making plans for a responsible reopening. In an attempt to inform all of our customers about what we’re doing to keep you and our staff safe, we’ll be posting information about the changes we are making so you don’t get too surprised.

We are so excited to welcome you back. It’s been two months and we miss you all something fierce! We will need your help, your kindness and your patience as we work to follow the guidelines and keep you and our staff safe. Please remember that you can choose to come in or not, and when you do you will only be close to a few other people. But our staff has to do this to pay rent and eat, and they have to deal with and potentially expose themselves up to 100 people or more per day. So in oder to protect everyone we’ll be asking you wear a mask except when you are seated. From entering, until you are at your table, when you get up to pee or when you’re leaving, wear a face covering.

Please be considerate of this rule. It’s not a political statement.. It’s about keeping our staff (several of whom are immune comprised or have family at home that are) and other people safe. Be patient. Be kind. Please don’t be a dick.

We love you! We miss you! Thank you for your continued support! Keep ordering that delivery and take out, and watch for a relaunch of our web store where you’ll be able to get merch and gift cards.

– David Meinert

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